What is Digital Marketing?

Whether you have a business in the Philadelphia area or business in the Delaware area, digital marketing should be part of your business plan. Today success in business depends on digital marketing. When looking for a DMA or digital marketing agency or an in-house digital marketer, it is good to know a few very important aspects of digital marketing. This way you can pick the best agency for you and overall get your business into the most effective digital marketing arena.


You want your PPC or pay-per-clicks to return you the highest revenue possible. PPC is the adds on the web where you pay a small fee to a search engine every time someone clicks your ad. The end result is people come to your site and spend big money. By having attractive ads with the right words and attention-grabbing pictures, it gives you the greatest opportunity to draw people to your website. Pay per click campaigns needs every detail to be spot on for the greatest success.


Search Engine Optimization SEO; you probably heard of and you want to be aware that words are important, links are important, use the proper title for each page pertaining exactly to your business, legitimate links, use the right words for links, fresh, engaging content and reputation is key. Search engine optimization is what helps drives lots of traffic to your site.

Display Ads

Draw customers in with display ads. The size and where they are placed is just the first part of an effective display ad. A few choice words to draw the reader’s attention to what you are offering will get them to click on your display ad.

Search Ads

If you want to be less intrusive to your reader the search ad is often used. Search ads are generated as a result of the words a consumer has typed into the search engine and the ad displays accordingly. Search ads are often displayed at the very top of search results with the word “Ad” on them, so you know that it is an advertisement.


So your searching for something on the web, you go to one website, you without notice make a note of the colors, icons, display, people, or fonts of the particular company, but you are not thoroughly convinced to buy from them, so you keep searching, but then you continue to see that same company that you had seen before making you go back to their website and reconsider. You have just been retargeted. It is an effective way to bring back customers you potentially lost. There is a sea of companies; people like to go with what they are familiar with.

Digital marketing is some of the most effective marketing strategies of today. You do not need to understand it completely, but whoever you hire to do your digital marketing will appreciate your understanding of the way digital marketing works this way the two of you can work together to have the best marketing ads that will yield you the greatest amount of revenue per month.

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