What is SEO?

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What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation that stands for search engine optimization. If you own a business or run a website, you’re likely going to want to familiarize yourself with the basics of search engine optimization. Having a good SEO plan in place can make or break the web traffic that your website receives. Stuffing your website with popular keywords isn’t going to cut it. In this day and age SEO requires that you have a thorough understanding of how modern search engine algorithms work.

How SEO Works

It is a way of establishing a clear understanding of your website and pages to the search engines. You need to develop meta tags, meta descriptions, image description, header, focus keywords and few other small steps on telling search engines what each page are all about. This way search engines would know when to bring up your pages to the relevant search keywords.

Maximizing Your Meta Tags for SEO

In recent years, people have paid less attention to the optimization of Meta descriptions and Meta tags. It’s vital that you don’t overlook the value of paying a bit of attention to your Meta tags. Google use your page title and Meta description to give a brief description of your page in their search results. it’s crucial that you are displaying what you want to show on the meta description. These little snippets of text get a lot of close attention from searchers hunting their way through the natural listings.

Fill Out Meta Description in Detail

The first rule – use all of the characters at your disposal. Consider your Meta tag as being the introduction to your webpage for people who know nothing about your site. You want to get as much information across as possible – without complicating things. Be succinct but use what you have to provide a detailed account of what your website is all about.


 Simple but clear Page Title

Give your page a clear title so the audience can understand what is the page is about.


Include Target Keywords Naturally

The last thing you want to do is to make your tags appear to be spammy. But there’s nothing wrong with including your keywords as long as they appear to fall naturally within your tags. Be as strategic as possible with this. It’s a good idea to try to include your webpage title, your brand name if it’s different. Also, include a sentence which includes one of your prime keyword phrases. If you can make the tag compelling, natural and include some of your key terms, you’re onto a winner

Why SEO is Important for Business

If you own a business, the internet is your best friend when it comes to gaining new customers and clientele. People use the internet for everything. If there is somebody out there looking for the services they more likely will go to Google or Bing.

An effective SEO plan has the power to make your business appear on the first page of results that show up. If your business appears on the first page of results that somebody gets while they are searching, they are far more likely to become a new customer. If you neglect to invest your time into developing a solid Search Engine Optimization plan, you risk not having your business not show up within the first couple of pages of search results. People want results fast. If your business isn’t showing up in the first few pages of search results, you are missing potential clients.

Is SEO Worth Investing in?

Every business owner should be investing in Search Engine Optimization. Not investing in a proper SEO strategy would be doing a massive disservice to your business and your profits. If you cannot afford to hire a professional to develop an effective SEO plan for your business, you should at least be willing to invest some of your own time to learn about it. There are plenty of great resources available on the internet that can teach you the basics.

Will I Make the Money I Invested Back?

Effective SEO has the potential to expand on your existing customer base significantly. If you are willing to invest your money in a professional that knows the ins and outs of how to effectively use SEO, you will undoubtedly see a return on your investment. Close to 90% of people use the internet to locate the products and services that they are interested in.

Is SEO Considered Marketing?

SEO and digital marketing are two separate branches of the same tree. They both share the same roots and work to increase business, but the way in which they do so is different. SEO works specifically with search engine algorithms to increase SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). Search Engine Optimization goes hand in hand with marketing, and utilizing SEO in combination with other marketing techniques can do wonders for your business.

In many companies, the marketing team will work directly with the SEO team. The information that is gained from tracking search engine trends can be incredibly valuable to those who work in marketing. SEO can help the marketing team to fine-tune their campaigns to more effectively capture the attention of their target demographic.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • SEO doesn’t work its magic overnight. Search Engine Optimization takes time to start producing results, but once it does begin to give you results you can rest assured the results will be stable and self-maintaining.


  • This marketing method takes a bit more effort to get up and running than paid advertising, but it is worth it in the long run. Your initial investment in a good SEO plan will continue to provide you with the results that you want without having to continuously invest like you would if you were to use paid advertising.


  • While it’s tempting to save money by researching SEO techniques on your own, the expertise of a professional will more than pay for itself over time. If you’re serious about Search Engine Optimization, you should use a portion of your marketing budget to invest in professional help.
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