Welcome to Cool Nerds Marketing, the leading Creative CPG Social Media Agency. We’re a full-service agency that tailors strategies to improve your brand’s online presence, no matter your industry in the CPG food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, or any other sector.

We focus on social media management for CPG brands. Our expertise extends to supporting your brand with comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, including in-store marketing, geo-targeting, programmatic, and Personalized Marketing Campaigns, E-Commerce website designs.

Our team is dedicated to helping your business shine in the digital realm. Partner with Cool Nerds Marketing, where straightforward solutions meet excellence, driving real results for your brand online.


We are a full service marketing agency. We bring your brand to life. One of Cool Nerds Marketing services is a content creation that specializes in creating visual content. We produce high–quality videos, photography, and other visuals that help our clients to engage with their target audience and tell their brand story. We are committed to providing our clients with the best quality visuals and marketing solutions to help build their brands and increase their sales and profits.


Having your brand properly represented across social media and being part of the conversation is key to people remembering who you are – not to mention choosing your brand over others when buying. That’s why our premium social media management is not only a massive time-saving plan, but one of our top ROI positive services we consistently deliver to clients. We have done the research and established where consumers are, and we execute on that with contextual creative that resonates. Your customers are unique, and your social media presence deserves to be as well. Select one of our CPG marketing agency service, social media management for your brand.


Omnichannel marketing services.

Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Our approach transcends conventional tactics. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative data analytics to drive high-impact campaigns. From DIgital marketing, digital billboards, Performance Max campaigns, programmatic advertising, customer behavior, brand awareness to large-scale OTT/CTV video campaigns tailored for diverse audiences, our strategies are designed for scalability and robust market penetration. Moreover, as the digital marketing evolves, we continually adapt, integrating with emerging platforms and ensuring our methodologies are not only effective but also compliant with international data privacy standards.

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Targeting & Execution with Cool Nerds Marketing

We’re not just about visibility; we focus on meaningful engagement that translates into tangible business outcomes. Whether it’s Geo- Targeting retails or consumer interest targeting for those seeking healthy food options, our prowess in pinpointing consumer interests is unparalleled. Our flexibility allows us to craft bespoke solutions, ensuring that each campaign aligns perfectly with our CPG food and beverage, cosmetic and health and beauty clients’ unique objectives and market dynamics. Cool Nerds Marketing stands as a beacon of excellence, with a proven history of delivering exceptional results for industry leaders across sectors.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Services in Delaware

In Delaware’s competitive digital landscape, home service businesses must differentiate themselves. Digital marketing is essential, leveraging the internet to ensure Delaware residents notice your home services. Here’s how to do this effectively. Embracing Digital Marketing Channels in Delaware Digital channels are your direct line to potential clients online. These pathways, including social media, websites, and emails, are

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Social Media Strategy for Business sample of Pink Lemonade Mix Can with Refreshing Drinks and Lemons on a Vibrant Yellow Background made for the followers attention.
Creative Marketing Agency

Unleashing Creativity in Marketing: Our Philadelphia Journey

In Philadelphia, our story unfolds—a tale of creativity and innovation in the bustling world of marketing. At Cool Nerds Marketing, we’ve embraced the vibrant spirit of Philadelphia to fuel our approach to digital marketing. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to transform the way businesses connect with their audiences, using creativity as our compass, making us one

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Consumer examining a CPG branded product on a store shelf.
Creative Marketing Agency

The Power of User-Generated Content for CPG Brands

In today’s digital marketplace, the authenticity and engagement that user-generated content (UGC) brings to the table cannot be overstated. For consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, tapping into the stream of content created by your own consumers offers a unique opportunity to elevate brand trust, enhance community engagement, and drive product innovation. Here’s how to leverage UGC effectively

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Blake Hill Cpg food and beverage e -commerce website design
Digital Marketing

Advanced E-commerce Strategies for Food & Beverage Brands

As the food and beverage industry continues to evolve with the digital age, brands face the challenge of distinguishing themselves in a crowded e-commerce marketplace. The transition from traditional retail to online platforms demands not only an adaptation of marketing strategies but a complete overhaul to capture the discerning online consumer. This detailed guide explores advanced digital

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Couple cooking together in the kitchen for influencer marketing campaign.
Creative Marketing Agency

Power of Social Media Influencers in the Food and Beverage Industry

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, social media influencers have become pivotal in shaping consumer preferences and amplifying brand messages, especially within the food and beverage sector. Their unique ability to blend authenticity with extensive reach offers an unmatched avenue for brands to connect with their target audiences. Cool Nerds Marketing delves into how CPG food and

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Troy Granite Delaware website
Web Design

Comprehensive Web Design Solutions for Home Service Businesses

In the competitive markets of Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Delaware, home service businesses such as plumbers, electricians, and cleaning services need more than just a digital presence; they require a website that speaks directly to their clientele. At Cool Nerds Marketing, we specialize in creating modern, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized website designs, particularly catered to the home service industry.

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