Guide for Small Businesses: The Trends of Changing Consumer during COVID

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By Kathleen Woods

As the World faces these uncertain times, there has been a change in how people will be able to connect with small businesses. This pandemic has turned into a long-term situation and businesses will need to adjust their ways. Here are some trends that marketers are seeing those influence businesses to continue to grow:

Online Presence

Online presence is critical for consumers to feel safe. More people are staying home due to the social distance guidelines. This means that people are on the internet more due to their jobs and lack of outside activity. Stating that your businesses are following the social distance guidelines on your website gives people a sense of comfort that they can trust businesses during this time. Actively updating your website will give your business a better chance to engage with more customers. Digital marketing and advertising will be a good investment to seek during this time.


Social Media

Social media gives businesses more chances of attracting a wider range of customers. Additionally, the older generations have adjusted to using social media and younger generations will be future consumers. Facebook and Instagram allow building a community in your local area. Also, social media gives businesses the opportunity to see what their competition is doing. Evaluating their content can help businesses recognize how they can be a better fit for their target audience/ consumer. Social media can help to develop your tonality of the businesses. This is a source to show the business’s written voice through captions and adding hashtags & emojis. Posts allow the business to be creative by having cool animated videos to attach viewers. Social media is one of the best resources to engage with consumers.


Shop Local

Shop Local COVID sparked a movement for people to think and support local businesses. Fewer people are able to travel, which means that they are buying and shopping closer to their homes for reducing virus contact. Businesses are stating that they are open and following the guidelines are attaching more consumers. Showing trust and staying safe is giving people the comfort to shop and engage with their local businesses.


Everyone is facing changes during COVID, but it’s up to businesses to recognize these trends. Online engagement and presence will be key factors for staying upstream.

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