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Revolutionize Your Business with Cool Nerds Marketing – Delaware’s Premier Marketing Agency

Your Perfect Marketing Partner: Why Choose Us?

In a digital world that’s continually evolving, Cool Nerds Marketing remains the top choice for businesses in Delaware, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. Partnering with our locally connected marketing agency opens up a world of benefits for your brand. We are located right in the heart of Wilmington, DE, and work with many industries such as CPG, pharmaceuticals, home services like Plumbing, HVAC, Electric, contractors, and Law firms.

Unparalleled Local Presence

Our team, primarily based in Delaware and Philadelphia, has its finger on the pulse of local market dynamics and consumer behavior. Being a local agency allows us to swiftly adapt to changes in the market, a feature that global corporations often lack.

Expert Area Knowledge

Our insights into the area’s socio-economic landscape position us uniquely to formulate effective strategies for your target audience. This expertise helps create marketing campaigns that resonate with the locals, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

Robust Local Media Ties

Years of collaboration with local media outlets have enabled us to build a trusted network. Our strong ties mean better advertising deals for your business and the promise of maximum exposure.

Fruitful Local Partnerships

Our connections within the Delaware business community are extensive. We help foster strategic alliances that can significantly enhance your business visibility and reputation.

Beyond Borders: Our Global Reach

Though rooted in Delaware, our reach extends globally as a Delaware marketing agency. We serve clients from diverse locations, from the vibrant streets of New York City to the tranquil beaches of Los Angeles, and reaching even overseas markets like Japan and Turkey. Our ability to understand and cater to varied market demands gives your business the global exposure it needs.

Client Success: Delivering Tangible Results

We don’t just promise results; we deliver them. Our client base, many of whom have been with us since inception, can attest to the dedication, hard work, and success we bring to every project. Regular performance review meetings ensure we remain on track to achieving your objectives.

Goal-Driven Approach: Tailored Strategies for Success

As a distinguished Delaware marketing agency, we focus on your specific goals. Whether you’re looking to boost sales, drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, or maintain social media engagement, we design strategies that deliver.

Comprehensive Services for All Your Marketing Needs

We offer a wide array of services to cater to your marketing needs, each designed to boost your online visibility and convert prospects into loyal customers:

Paid Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Video Advertising

Display Placements

Digital Billboards

Programmatic, Targeted Media/OTT

Lead Generation Advertising

SEO-Search Engine Optimization


User-Defined Data Matching

Harness the Power of SEO

In an era of digital transformation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more crucial than ever. It not only improves your online visibility and competitiveness but also strengthens your brand authority. With our SEO services, we’ll help you increase organic traffic, develop effective content marketing campaigns, and convert more organic traffic into customers. Together, we can transform your brand into an industry leader and improve your ranking on search engines like Google.

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