3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Switch to a New SEO Provider

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3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Switch to a New SEO Provider

If your company has an SEO provider, it means that you take search engine optimization seriously, and understand how important SEO is to maintaining an organic presence on the search engines. What if your experience with your SEO company isn’t all positive, however? It’s been known to happen. Even if your relationship with your SEO started off well, it could have changed over time. Sometimes, you need to switch to a new SEO company to bring new energy to your SEO efforts. How do you know that it’s time for a switch, however? The answer is, you look for a few signs.

Your SEO company keeps you in the dark

Certainly, if you trust your SEO provider, you don’t need to know about every single thing that they do with your campaign. As a paying client, you do need to be kept in the loop, however. It’s important to set ground rules early in your relationship with your SEO, about what your expectations are in regards to reporting. Weekly or monthly reports are desirable in most cases. If you find that your provider doesn’t keep you properly informed about the state of your SEO, it may be time to switch to a new provider.

Your SEO provider hasn’t kept their word

When you started working with your current SEO provider, they probably made impressive promises about the results they would deliver. SEO providers shouldn’t make promises. However, it can be hard to guarantee results of any kind with SEO. If your SEO told you that you would rank at the top for certain important keywords in a set period of time, you’ve probably noticed that those predictions haven’t come about. If there are promises left unfulfilled, it’s probably time to look for a provider who offers you realistic assurances.

Your SEO provider is hard to get hold of

If your provider made promises that they haven’t kept, they are probably not eager to get in touch with you when you call them. Certainly, SEO providers tend to be busy and can take time to return calls. They should do it at some point, however. If you find it hard to track down your SEO provider, it probably means that they aren’t serious about your account. You should look elsewhere.

It’s possible that your SEO provider hasn’t actually done anything significantly wrong. If the behaviors listed above seem familiar, however, you need to remember that you may be able to get better results when you overhaul your SEO campaign with a new provider. It’s important to remember that when you do your SEO right, it can bring new business opportunities. If it’s time to switch, you should get started looking for a new provider as early as possible.

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