3 Important Online Marketing Trends in 2019

You might want to take a close look at what and how you have been doing marketing-wise, then jump start your online marketing campaign in 2019. Consider the following up-and-coming trends as a guide.


Real-time and Location-based

In 2019, you will be preaching your marketing message across multimedia channels, and it will be delivered in real time, most likely through a mobile device. It will also be beautifully targeted according to the recipient’s location. GPS technology is leveraged to send multimedia marketing materials relevant to a mobile user’s location. You might want to study how best this can benefit your marketing.


You should, at least, have a semblance of a mobile-friendly marketing effort in place. More and more people go online using their mobile devices nowadays, and this trending will not wane. The International Data Corporation recently unveiled its predictions for the smartphone market whose growth looms in the next four years. Aside from smartphones, tablets are also gaining popularity.

Here are two grave errors you should not be making in 2019: to continue having an unwieldy site that fails to load properly in most mobile devices and to continue your email marketing efforts without considering if they will render properly in mobile settings.

Short Videos

Short, riveting videos can be your marketing marvels in 2019. To cater to the dwindling attention spans of online users, it is best to have videos that are within a three-minute span. Upload your marketing videos to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and the like.

If you notice, the direction of digital marketing is toward “short” media–Twitter, Instagram, and the relatively new Snapchat. Quick bursts of powerful marketing messages are becoming widely accepted. So, in 2019, make each marketing attempt sweet, concise, and potent–in a few words or images.


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