New product launches and new product marketing strategies

illustrating a fresh take on New Product Campaigns in snack food marketing.

Setting the Stage In the bustling world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), especially in the food and beverage sector, the journey to a product’s success begins well before it hits the store shelves—a strategic and well-executed product launch and new product marketing strategies that separate market leaders from the rest. With the current trend leaning […]

Why Healthcare Professionals and Organizations Need Social Media

Social media is an undeniable force, an integral and constantly evolving part of our lives. Most companies recognize that social media is essential to marketing, but as a regulated industry, many healthcare organizations and providers still avoid its integration, although these regulations become increasingly less of an issue as healthcare organizations develop HIPAA-compliant guidelines to […]

WordPress (vs) Drupal

WordPress vs Drupal. WordPress offers a clean streamlined admin panel that is extremely user-friendly for users that do not have any coding knowledge. Users are able to make a wide array of edits to content such as switching out photos, sliders, text, etc., without the need for a third party to do so. Keeping WordPress […]

Google AdWords vs. Google AdWords Express

Deciding which way to advertise, either the full Google AdWords platform or Google AdWords Express is often a daunting task for small businesses. Even large businesses are faced with advertising challenges but often have years of advertising data to look back on when calling the shots. Once a company agrees to move into the digital […]

Effective Logo Design Tips

Before exploring the ins and outs of what makes a logo design effective, let us take a brief moment to reflect on what exactly a logo is, and what it is not. A logo, simply put, is an identifier; it is also a device used to build brand recognition, build trust and loyalty with your […]

Color Psychology in Digital Marketing and Web Design

Why is Color Psychology Important in Marketing? We see color as a crucial component in our marketing and web design strategies because color has a very powerful effect on how site visitors react to goods and services on a web page. An effective use of color psychology uses the power of color to communicate the […]

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for a Small Business


Social Media Marketing is an essential part of online marketing strategy. o Cost-effectiveness o Reach targeted audiences quickly o Generate more sales Social Media Marketing has the ability to reach large amounts of people in less time and with minimal efforts. By marketing your products/services on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc.), […]

What Makes Cool Nerds a Creative Agency?

What makes Cool Nerds Marketing a “Creative Agency”? Working in the creative services industry, one of the most difficult questions we attempt to answer is, “what does your company do?”. Most agencies offer certain ranges of services, and most are often established and know for a select few areas, such as advertising, design, or technology. […]

Don’t Just Dabble… 5 Reasons to Dive into the World of PPC

DON’T JUST DABBLE… 5 REASONS TO DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF PPC (Pay per Click) 1. If you’re not doing it already, your competition surely is. Data consistently shows blooming trends upwards in online marketing spend by businesses of all industries and sizes. PPC is an extremely worthwhile and practical way to stake an early […]

Display and Retargeting Google Image Ads

Display and Retargeting Google Image Ads Showcase your product or service in a visual way with Google Image ads. Reach customers on websites that partner with Google. Google Image Ads Want to make an impression on customers with engaging graphics? Use Google image ads to capture people’s attention as they browse websites in the Google […]