Press Release Media Contact

Three Tips for Selecting a Press Release Media Contact A press release represents the most fundamental tool used to make a connection with the media. A key element of a press release is the designation of a media contact. The media contact is a person named in a press release as the individual media representatives […]

Logo Design And Brand Identity For A Company

All You Need To Know About Logo Design And Brand Identity For A Company. If you run a business of any kind, having an effective logo design goes a long way in improving your brand identity. It is important that you get the logo just right so that you can sell your business better. This […]

Creating the Best Homepage for Your Business

5 Essential Tips for Creating the Best Homepage for Your Business Living in an age where the Internet is a major part of our everyday lives, it is highly likely that the very first experience someone has with your business will be through your website. With first impressions counting for so much, and people’s attention […]

Maximising Your Meta Tags for SEO and CTR

In recent years, people have paid less attention to the optimization of Meta descriptions and Meta tags for good reason. It’s no longer an important thing to do when attempting to get your web pages ranking highly for your chosen search terms. However, it’s important that you don’t overlook the value of paying a bit […]

Fun Facts about Delaware

                                       The first scheduled steam railroad in the nation was in Delaware. The only state without any National Park Systems is Delaware. The Methodist Church of America was organized in Delaware. John Dickinson’s childhood home is preserved […]

Why Small Businesses Need Local SEO

The search engines are constantly improving their algorithms in order to provide the most relevant results to their users, and one of the most important aspects of this is targeting results based on geographical location. For local businesses stepping into the highly competitive world of online marketing, making sure that your website shows up in […]

Public Relations

Public Relations act as a crucial component in establishing success in the marketplace. From small businesses, to large corporations, and everything in between; Public Relations serve an absolutely vital role in establishing, maintaining, and regulating momentum, growth, and credibility. Attracting customers, appealing to existing clients, delivering media coverage to further broaden market penetration and increase […]

Non-Digital Marketing in the Digital Age

Explore the world of Cool Nerds Marketing, a premier creative marketing agency, and unleash the power of creativity to transform your brand's impact in the competitive marketplace.

Marketing for your small business requires that you keep up with the times, and that means taking advantage of digital media sources such as websites and cable TV. But digital marketing should only be used as a supplement to conventional methods. Never abandon old school tactics. Remember, not all of your potential customers will be […]

How to Use Social Media for Business

The smartphone has become ubiquitous. In the United States of America, you will find either an iPhone or an Android tucked into the hip pocket or handbag of one out of every two adults (Source: Pew Research Centre,, which is why savvy businesses are so keen to embrace social media. The social media landscape […]

3 Important Online Marketing Trends in 2019

You might want to take a close look at what and how you have been doing marketing-wise, then jump start your online marketing campaign in 2019. Consider the following up-and-coming trends as a guide.   Real-time and Location-based In 2019, you will be preaching your marketing message across multimedia channels, and it will be delivered […]