WordPress (vs) Drupal

WordPress vs Drupal. WordPress offers a clean streamlined admin panel that is extremely user-friendly for users that do not have any coding knowledge. Users are able to make a wide array of edits to content such as switching out photos, sliders, text, etc., without the need for a third party to do so. Keeping WordPress up to date is as easy as hitting a button and letting the update run in the background while still working on the site. Updating Drupal can be more intensive and in some cases may require a nearly complete redesign of a website.

If there is a specific need for the site, WordPress offers a wide array of customization options to fulfill a majority of needs through plug-ins. Also, many WordPress themes are built responsively so there is no need for a separate mobile sub domain which is often very challenging and can have negative effects on SEO. WordPress also offers the ability to set up several user roles for content management. This is especially important for differentiating users that can write blogs and users that can edit the website

Last but not least the development and deployment time of a WordPress site is often costs significantly less than that of a Drupal site.

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