2019 Design Trends

by Mike C. | Designer |

Trends come and go because that’s what trends do. Keeping up with the Kardashians and the latest trends in fashion is important but it’s also crucial to be prepared for the trends that will be upcoming in 2019. 2019 will bring us a collection of exotic trends ranging from shapes to colors to patterns.

Complex Gradients

Gradients have been a part of a design for the longest time; acting as backgrounds, shadows, highlights – you name it. The reign of gradients has not come to an end just yet. Expect to see a lot more gradients; not just in the background but also on the foreground. Dynamic gradients will take over 2019.

Abstract Geometry

Those who loved drawing shapes as a kid is in luck because simple geometric shapes are making a comeback. In 2019, shapes will be slipping into your everyday designs to add just a little bit more flare. With a touch of gradients and your keen eye for typography, you’ll be rocking this design before everyone else.

Geometric Background

Exotic Patterns

Plain and simple patterns are now off the shelves. Introducing: Exotic Patterns! With the help of abstract shapes and bold colors, patterns are being created that have never been seen before. Classic patterns are so last year.

Exotic pattern

Isometric Illustration

Previously overlooked and under-appreciated, isometric illustrations will be hitting the design markets in 2019. The clean and sleek look of Isometric illustrations has been getting more and more popular every day. These illustrations are not only easy on the eye but they also give the viewers, along with the designers, another perspective of the concept.

Exciting new designs as well as reemerging older trends will be joining us in 2019. As new things come out, we sometimes forget about the basics, but it seems like some things never really go completely out of style. Sometimes they make a comeback, and that’s the beauty of the design.

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