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Three Tips for Selecting a Press Release Media Contact

A press release represents the most fundamental tool used to make a connection with the media. A key element of a press release is the designation of a media contact. The media contact is a person named in a press release as the individual media representatives can obtain additional information about the matters discussed in the press release. Three essential tips exist for selecting a suitable media contact for a press release.

Well Spoken Person

Not everyone is cut out to be a media contact, a media spokesperson. A crucial tip in selecting a press release media contact is to choose an individual with experience in dealing with the media (if at all possible). In other words, oftentimes the “person in charge” – the owner of a small business, for example – needs to appreciate the necessity to step aside and permit someone with more media savvy to serve as the media contact for a press release.

Available Spokesperson

Another tip for selecting the most suitable, and effective, press release media contact is choosing an individual who in fact will be available to media representatives. In order to get the maximum impact from a press release, a media representative with a question or need for additional data must be able to obtain that information promptly.

Ideally, a media contact for a press release must be available to respond to a media inquiry within 45 minutes tone hour of receipt. He or she must be able to respond to inquiries made either by email or telephone call within this time frame.

Knowledgeable Spokesperson

 Although this certainly seems like absolute commonsense, the designated media contact must be a knowledgeable spokesperson. He or she must be well-versed, well-briefed, on the matters raised within the press release.

Surprisingly, a considerable number of press releases issue daily that include media contacts who are not even aware that they have been do designated, let alone appropriately briefed on the contents of the press release. This lack of preparation results in highly negative consequences for the issuer of the press release.

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