Fun Facts about Delaware

  Delaware map                                    Delaware flag

  1. The first scheduled steam railroad in the nation was in Delaware.
  2. The only state without any National Park Systems is Delaware.
  3. The Methodist Church of America was organized in Delaware.
  4. John Dickinson’s childhood home is preserved in Delaware.
  5. The flag Betsy Ross created was first flown in Delaware.
  6. The official state insect of Delaware is the ladybug.
  7. The first automatic flour-milling machine was invented in Delaware.
  8. The largest coastal resort town in Delaware is Rehoboth Beach.
  9.   Delaware is home to the famous Fisher’s popcorn.
  10.   The official state flower of Delaware is the peach blossom.
  11.   The largest dune in Delaware is 80 foot.
  12.   Nylon was first produced in Delaware.
  13.   Delaware has only three counties.
  14.   The Delaware Breakwater was the first structure of it’s kind in the Western Hemisphere.
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