Cool Nerds Marketing and Google Partner to Present at Name Summit 2017 in NYC

In August 2017, I had the pleasure of joining Timothy Jordan, Google Agency Development Manager, to present “Making the Most of Digital marketing with Google” at Name Summit ( 2017 in NYC. Below are a few key highlights from our presentation.

For nearly two decades, Google has been connecting brands with consumers online and continuously introducing new tools and programs to the advertising community. During this session, Timothy and I discussed how both individual brands and established agencies could leverage and benefit from Google tools such as Google AdWords to promote products and services to intended markets better.

During our presentation, we covered several topics, including a basic review of the Google advertising platforms and capabilities, recently added features, trends, and the importance of market research to understand target audiences.

Google AdWords presentation

The goals of marketing, from growing awareness to driving sales, change with every campaign, but fundamentally, marketers everywhere share the same objectives, and Google allows for this connection between brands and their audiences at every step along the way. We described, in detail, the key touch points brands should be aware of and focused on while crafting campaign strategies.

Google – Life Events page

AdWords’ life events help brands target users in the months before or after major life events such as graduation, marriage and moving. This type of targeting allows advertisers to go beyond the audience segmentation and targeting best practices they are accustomed to and, more precisely get ad messages in front of target customers.

Google, forecast targeting

The Google AdWords platform makes available several exceptional market research tools that enable better planning and more accurate ROAS estimates. In the image above, we see an example of as a placement in the greater New York City region based on search queries from California. This type of a detailed understanding of utilizing all available resources to optimize campaign performance is something best suited for management by a Google Certified Partner agency such as Cool Nerds Marketing.

About Name Summit

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