What Makes Cool Nerds a Creative Agency?

What makes Cool Nerds Marketing
a “Creative Agency”?

Working in the creative services industry, one of the most difficult questions we attempt to answer is, “what does your company do?”.

Most agencies offer certain ranges of services, and most are often established and know for a select few areas, such as advertising, design, or technology. Additionally, many companies will offer services that they outsource — they do not have the capabilities for these in in-house.

While we also are considered a full-service marketing agency, what makes us also a creative agency is that first and foremost we have an in-house team of designers and creative professionals. Cool Nerds Marketing is also a company that offers a combination of strategy, design, and advertising services to clients. Our agency is creative and expert lead, and it’s made up of a large portion of creative professionals. We strongly defined ourselves by our close relationships with our clients and the desire to help define and emphasize their brand with the tools most necessary.

Cool Nerds Marketing focuses on three main services: strategy, design, and advertising.

Strategy represents the consulting, planning and research services.

Design is the visual, UX, photography and video services.

Advertising is the promotional, PR and marketing services.

As a creative agency, Cool Nerds combines strategy, design, marketing and digital services to create content that satisfies the problems, needs or goals of a client.

As a full service marketing agency with a strong creative team, we are set apart from strictly design agencies and traditional advertising agencies. Cool Nerds offers digital and print design services as well as branding specializations, as well as providing strategies for marketing and advertising, more than often incorporating design into these efforts.

Creative Design embodies graphic design, traditional print media design, digital design, website design, and branding. Where a creative agency can help is ensuring the design meets objectives, brand attributes and the tone you wish to communicate in marketing materials. From logo design, to website development, to a complete traditional and digital marketing campaigns, the creative professionals are essential and work hand in hand with the marketing professionals.

In the case of a creative agency, strategy is a core essential in the process of coming up with a marketing solution. It includes clarifying objectives, establishing process, assessing market position, understanding brand attributes, understanding brand tone, analyzing audience, analyzing competitors and more. Cool Nerds creatives have the skills and experience, not just the tools, to bring a new brand to life, or to seamlessly adapt to designing and marketing our clients established brands. Our whole team works closely with our clients to understand their who they are and how they work best.

 You can’t build a beautiful house without strong foundations, and you can’t build a successful business without a strong brand. This is something only experienced and talented creative professionals (like us) can do best.

Everyday we tackle varied types of projects that come into our office. Every project is different and requires the intertwining of services to come together in a new way every time. Our nerds work methodically to identity problems and opportunities, establish a solution and implement that solution. The greatest strength of a creative agency is to rely on the diversity of experience in its employees.

By allowing the skills set of people with different areas of expertise, a meaningful and effective campaign can come together in success.

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