Tips To Help You Pick A Social Media Management Team

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When you pick a social media management team it’s important to keep some key factors in mind. As you evaluate your options, look to these tips for a best fit. You know you want it – don’t deny it, we all do. If only that one post can go viral.  A great marketing campaign can look like magic or lightning in a bottle, but in reality, it takes a lot of work and effort to be a breakout star on social media. Agency representation for your brand on social channels will undoubtedly give you a higher audience and more engagement, but is that enough? Let’s take a closer look.

Tip 1: Are you Ready?

You’ve created a great product, you have a website and some sales, you’ve even set up Social Media accounts. Ultimately, you’ll start to feel the pressure of doing all things on your own and will want to look to an outside Subject Matter Expert (SME) to help guide your plans for growth. How do you know you’re ready for that leap? There are agencies for every size business and pricing can vary; however, a well-planned marketing campaign will require an investment over and above agency fees. Production costs can be negligible compared to the costs associated with pay per click (PPC). Can your business sustain investing for growth at this time?

Tip 2: Do they “hear” you?

You’ve had a conversation with an Account Executive and the pricing seems to line up with your budget, but what about the content? Have you had the opportunity to talk with a Designer or Project Manager that will be in close contact with you during your campaign? Has anyone asked questions about your brand story? The colors you want to have associated? Have they presented any fun concept ideas, even in passing? Or are you getting ready to sign off on a relationship where you don’t really know what you’ll be getting. It’s vitally important that your marketing team mirror your vision for your brand in theme, voice and feel. If they aren’t hearing your message from the beginning, it will only be harder to correct as time passes.

Tip 3: Do they have the tools?

All agencies have access and regularly utilize various software and tools to help find, refine, target and re-target your desired audience.  They should also have talented designers that bring concepts to life in a creative way to showcase a product or service. But do they have the most important tool of all? I’m talking about communication with you and your audience. Is your marketing team regularly evaluating what your audience is saying about you? Do they come up with concept ideas that are trending on social media platforms? Do they answer comments and engage with your online audience?

Further, if your agency isn’t really talking to you, asking you questions, working with you on your goals, or just relying on what the data is showing them, then it may be time to re-evaluate your partnership. Audience engagement further drives brand interest; consumers love to be recognized by and interact with the brands they love. Things change regularly, and on Social Media, trends move faster than the speed of 5G. Keeping regular communication with you and your audience is integral to a successful campaign.

Tip 4:   Trust Your Ally

Your marketing team should be your ally and the biggest cheerleader for your brand voice. Ideally, the team will want your brand to succeed just as much as you do. Echoing the look, feel and voice that you yourself would use in all posts. If you are asking yourself in the first meetings if they are “selling you”, take a step back and re-evaluate if you really trust the person you’re dealing with, chances are they reflect the overall culture of the agency itself. Go with your gut and don’t take unnecessary chances with “too good to be true” deals. If instead you find that you are connecting with the team, that the budget fits, and you can hear your brand story in their strategy and concepts, then you may be on to the beginning of a beautiful partnership. As your relationship grows, you’ll breathe easier knowing your brand is in good hands.

Hopefully with these quick tips you’re able to make an informed decision in to pick a social media management team. At Cool Nerds Marketing the partnership we have with our brands is a core value, seeing ourselves as an extension of the brand. If this sounds like you and if you’re ready to get Nerdy, contact us today.

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