Spotted From The Train: The Many Ways Facebook Is Emphasizing Its Evolution

Over the past several months Facebook has been dealing with a bit of a situation. Following the 2016 US Presidential Election stories began to surface that drew lines between Russian influence on the election and Facebook. In light of this scrutiny, Facebook, led by founder Mark Zuckerberg, has been making some serious moves to dust […]

Social Media Agency for Business

What is a social media agency and social media marketing? Why is it relevant to my business? How does it help brand awareness? Is it even worth it to be on there? Truth be told, yes, you need to be there. Social media is where conversations happen. Interact and engage with individuals to build brand awareness and […]

How to Use Social Media for Business

The smartphone has become ubiquitous. In the United States of America, you will find either an iPhone or an Android tucked into the hip pocket or handbag of one out of every two adults (Source: Pew Research Centre,, which is why savvy businesses are so keen to embrace social media. The social media landscape […]