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What is a social media agency and social media marketing? Why is it relevant to my business? How does it help brand awareness? Is it even worth it to be on there?

Truth be told, yes, you need to be there. Social media is where conversations happen. Interact and engage with individuals to build brand awareness and show off your brand’s personality. You cannot just sit outside this social world. It is entirely worth it, and you can gain so much from social media marketing.

Along with the vast amounts of data circulation that can be gathered on social media platforms, there are many benefits to social media marketing:

1. Be there to inform your existing and potential clients. Social media gives you the ability to reach large amounts of people. Market your product and services across social media platforms to increase your brand recognition, build visibility and form connections.

2. Social media is a telephone, not a megaphone. It is there to allow you to interact with your customers and form relationships with them. You can learn from your customers through comments, likes, and shares. It is important to know what people are saying about your brand, find ways to interact, and then engage with them.

3. Listen to social media platforms to know what people are saying about your brand by using a third party software. You will be amazed to learn how honest customer feedback is and how it might shift your plans for future marketing campaigns.
These listening software are like surveys on steroids. Monitoring tools can search for specific keywords or phrases on social media platforms and transpose the unstructured data into numerical values which are then analyzed, evaluated, and interpreted to gain insight. Listening tools allow you to discover customer opinions, track trends, and join in on the conversation.
You will get the truth and only truth from real people’s opinion. Can you imagine your successful brand has small issues that you or your team weren’t aware of, and you get to learn that from people who use your product! It is good and bad. It is bad that you have a problem product. It is good that you learn that problem before even going to further.

4. Paid social media advertising has become more advanced than it used to be. Facebook allows you to place paid ads on their platform which are displayed to your target audience. When you run an ad, you can choose the traits of the audience that should see it. You can narrow your audience by targeting specific demographics: location, gender, age, etc. Narrow your audience even further by selecting particular interests or behaviors of your audience, such as whether they like cooking or gardening. Facebook uses these demographics to estimate the size of your audience and reach those individuals who are relevant to your brand.

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