Conquer the World with Digital Marketing

Conquer the World with Digital Marketing

The digital marketing age is allowing every brand to communicate on a global level. Up until a few years back, this was only possible for the Fortune 500’s. Only those companies had deep enough pockets to invest millions of dollars in marketing; Such as TV commercials and global magazine advertisements to spread their brand message.

Not long ago, our favorite shows were only available on specific channels and big brands were the ones who could bid on the available commercial real estate. Today, streaming is quickly becoming the most popular form of watching our shows. and, the practicality of reaching consumers through these services is something on which to capitalize.

We are creating a virtual world through mobile devices. Think about how often people spend on Facebook every day. Studies show U.S. adults now spend nearly half a day interacting with media. And through other apps and social networks, we aren’t paying as much attention to TV ads anymore – we are on the phone while commercials are playing.

Now, don’t misunderstand me – I’m not criticizing traditional methods of TV, radio, catalogs, and newspapers. They used to be the only ways to market. Even though a brand owner could only target this audience on a high level; He believed his brand was getting recognition from these marketing efforts. Unlike today, there wasn’t a ton of data to work with!

– Advertise globally

Now that we’ve entered the digital marketing age, it is possible for small businesses to advertise globally. It might not be suitable for everyone unless you are currently shipping globally. How do you get there? Utilize opportunities like video marketing. Create interest-based or in-market audience display campaigns with platforms like Google or YouTube or run Social Media video ads to send consumers to your e-commerce page or Amazon page. You’ve already used video three different ways in this simple example and reached a more targeted audience and seen specific results.

The best part of running digital video advertising is that you don’t need a $50 million marketing budget; well-crafted, detailed targeting and planned execution campaigns will help your brand to reach millions. There are so many moment-to-moment interactions with potential customers waiting on these digital marketing platforms. If you are still trying to reach markets with traditional channels like a newspaper or local radio and your goal is to be a national brand, then it is time to revisit your marketing plans.

Millions are living on smartphones; communicating, watching the video, getting directions, reading news, browsing social media, shopping… mobile marketing has revolutionized the way to reach consumers with advertising that used be ‘traditional’ but now is a world to explore. Let’s make your brand memorable!

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