Branding Your Business

Branding Your Business – You’ll Need a Logo, a Great Name…and a Personality!

Hot brands often have distinctive attributes that other brands lack. A hot brand has a character, a style, a quality and a personality. A memorable logo and business name are important in the branding process; however, developing a personality or character…well, that just takes time (and sometimes, a little luck) to evolve.

Sometimes the branding of a business is elusive. But if you understand the business, understand the customer, and understand the retail climate, you are well on your way to a successful brand. Branding a business takes time and needs to develop in stages. First, you must understand your customer so that you can attend to their needs and wants. Then, and only then, can you begin to market to that customer. In other words, your marketing strategies are adapted to your target market. Only then can you move into the elusive stage – branding your business.

Your goals (for branding your business) should encompass:

1. Character – Reputation, reliability, credibility and honesty are a few character attributes that must take time to develop. Customers must learn to trust your business and become comfortable with the staff and the store’s policies. Trust does not occur immediately.

A store can also acquire a fun atmosphere or “character” – fun, exciting, quirky, and trendy – all traits that can be developed through distinctive marketing promotions and that can be nurtured by a friendly staff. Of course, the decor will also support the “character” of the business.

2. Style – High quality merchandise that is trendy and fashion-forward. Aim for good taste, great style. Ensure that merchandise reflects the business; don’t confuse the customer with a mish-mash of product. Make a choice and try not to deviate from it.

3. Quality – Quality products, quality service, quality experience. Ensure that you do not use cheap or tacky promotions that devalue the product. Every component in your business, including promotions, should reflect that you sell a quality product. The store design, the fixtures, the displays, the packaging and the staff’s attention to details…all must reflect that your business is a distinctive one that stands out from the others.

4. Personality – The personality of your business will reflect the personality of the owner, the staff, and the feel of the store. Is the staff warm and friendly? Are displays neat and tidy and are customers encouraged to touch and feel products? Are the dressing rooms comfortable? Do customers feel relaxed and welcomed into the business? Does the customer want to browse and linger?

If you offer a superior customer service experience each and every time a customer visits your boutique, in time, your reputation will grow. It is well worth the investment of your time and effort to create a reputation for honesty and reliability. Your customers will begin to advertise your boutique for you. They will become cheerleaders! Nothing compares to a customer’s endorsement of your boutique. You will find that you can advertise less, and yet more profitably, once your customers begin to spread the word.

Think about what you want your customers to say about your boutique because once your customers start talking about you – that’s branding! Ensure that it’s good stuff!

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