What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Does Your Business Need It?

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What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in the online marketing space right now. But while many trends have a short life, quickly being replaced by something new, influencer marketing is here to stay. Influencer marketing has been around for long enough to see that it gets results and it suits the way many users tend to consume content. Fresh approaches using micro-influencers has also helped to cement the technique for marketers across a range of industries. For businesses not yet engaged with the technique, it is important to understand what influencer marketing is and how it can help you.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is an approach targeting people holding a leadership position within an industry. Every industry will have a number of influential people who have built their own audience. If this audience could be potential customers for your business, it makes sense to want to draw upon this influence.

Successful influencers can become connectors, linking businesses with clients. The approach a marketing campaign takes will vary, though, factoring in the audience you are trying to reach and the platforms you are using. Some influencers, for example, might give their opinions on a product in a review form. However, other influencers become brand advocates for a business, working together on a long-term basis.

What Are the Benefits of Influencer Marketing?

The growth of social media has led to an increased number of influencers across numerous industries. Before you start searching for appropriate targets to connect with, it is worth understanding why influencer marketing is proving so successful.

Reach Hidden Audiences

Businesses can struggle to reach certain groups, limiting the potential audience for their products. Millennials and Generation Z have proven particularly tricky to reach, not typically responding to the same marketing as older consumers. However, these groups do tend to respond to influencer marketing, appreciating the content delivered by people they engage with.

Build Authentic Messages

Many consumers lack trust with other forms of advertising. Banner blindness can reduce the effectiveness of this type of direct response promotion. Recommendations from trusted sources, though, remains incredibly powerful. Influencer marketing works as the messages feel more authentic, delivered by people who have a track record with their audience.

Scalable Campaigns

The ability to scale up a campaign ensures you can consistently grow traffic numbers. Influencer marketing can be scaled up due to the number of influencers and platforms. Each time you run a campaign, the amount of data you have access to grows. You can then streamline each subsequent campaign using the data to work out what audiences want.

Get Creative Assistance

You may have a good grasp of what your customers want, but there will be segments of the audience who are not catered for. It can be tricky coming up with new creative approaches, with many businesses reluctant to try something new. Influencer marketing gives you the chance to collaborate on ideas with people who offer a fresh approach. There is a chance to experiment with marketing as the advertising is being distributed by a third party with an individual identity.

Use Different Content Types

Influencers can be found across all platforms, so there is the chance to develop a diverse amount of content. Instagram is the most popular platform for influencers, with the ability to develop images and videos. You can also add text and captions to further promote a brand. Facebook posts can integrate text, images, and video, combining different content to ensure the message is consumed. You can also look for alternative ideas, such as teaming up with a relevant podcast.

Gain a High ROI

Your marketing campaigns are only effective if they are providing a positive ROI. The return might come immediately or take time to come to fruition. Influencer marketing can be adapted to provide short-term and long-term wins. You could use a campaign to promote products, directing users to your sales pages. Alternatively, you could try to grow your social media following or build an email list, so you can repeatedly promote your brand.

There are businesses who have used influencer marketing to revolutionize their promotional approach. Some industries are particularly suited to promoting with influencers as their content suits the platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, even when there is not necessarily a clear link, you can often use the technique to reach an audience that has remained distant. There are various platforms and numerous people with an amount of influence. When you can successfully partner with the people who resonate with your desired audience, you can make influencer marketing work to your benefit.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing
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