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Effortless Media Buying with Cool Nerds Marketing Media buying is a critical part of a company’s marketing strategy. By purchasing advertising space and time on various media platforms, businesses can reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. At Cool Nerds Marketing, we are experts in buying and strive to make the process effortless […]

Will Advertisers Flock to Google’s FLoC – Third-party Cookies Alternative

Bird flock

Google has announced, via blog, that it will make its alternative to third-party cookies, Google FloC, available for public testing in Q2 2021 and claims it will protect the privacy of users while providing advertisers with needed attribution data. Finding the balance. GDPR, CCPA, the elimination of third-party cookies, browsers cracking down on fingerprinting, and […]

What We Loved About Digital Summit Philadelphia 2019

It was another great year at Digital Summit Philadelphia 2019 where over 1,400 marketers and industry professionals of all levels came together for 2 days of amazing presentations on everything from advanced SEO tactics to effectively targeting Gen Z. If you had the pleasure of attending this year, you are probably still recovering from the […]

Cool Nerds Marketing Goes for Gold!

Cool Nerds Marketing Triumphs with Gold Award in B2B Category by dotCOMM Awards An International Recognition We beam with excitement as we announce that Cool Nerds Marketing has clinched a Gold Award in the Business to Business (B2B) category at the dotCOMM Awards. This illustrious international competition recognizes designers, firms, and agencies that showcase innovative […]

What is Digital Marketing?

Whether you have a business in the Philadelphia area or business in the Delaware area, digital marketing should be part of your business plan. Today success in business depends on digital marketing. When looking for a DMA or digital marketing agency or an in-house digital marketer, it is good to know a few very important […]

Don’t Just Dabble… 5 Reasons to Dive into the World of PPC

DON’T JUST DABBLE… 5 REASONS TO DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF PPC (Pay per Click) 1. If you’re not doing it already, your competition surely is. Data consistently shows blooming trends upwards in online marketing spend by businesses of all industries and sizes. PPC is an extremely worthwhile and practical way to stake an early […]