It’s Safe to Start Marketing and Advertising Again

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Author: Kathleen Woods

It is crazy to think that it’s been over a year since the virus took over the world and changed everything. As we embraced the new change of #WFH, wearing masks, and signing up to vaccine waitlists, hope is around the corner this April. Now, it is the best time to continue with your marketing efforts. Whether you already have a partnership with a digital marketing agency or looking for a new opportunity to see results, ad campaigns, and social media content will increase your website traffic, new leads, and awareness. More businesses and companies have utilized the online marketing presence to inform that they are following the COVID guidelines to ensure everyone is staying safe.

We understand the some of your contracts/estimates with potential projects have been delayed or postponed due to the craziness of last spring. Cool Nerds recognizes that you are trying to balance both current projects and new leads for your services and paused your marketing campaigns. However, it is still critical to keep up to date with your marketing as new strategies and trends are rising. We don’t want you to be behind against your competitors during this time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine lead generation ad campaigns are perfect to make sure that your website is more visible as people search for your service and stand out against your competitors. Also, a social media ad campaign will help to attract more people to your pages to the latest project posts and engage with the content. It gives the opportunity for people to share your posts within their own networks for more awareness of your business.

Not only has the pandemic impacted marketing campaigns and efforts, but financially everyone had to make adjustments to their budgets. Now, there is hope as the restrictions are starting to ease up and people are able to regain their financial stability. It is safe again to invest back in your marketing efforts. The Cool Nerds experts are ready to help!

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