5 Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

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5 Advantages of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

It’s time to stop gambling with different mediums, and guessing where to put your marketing dollars… it’s costing you more than you realize.

1. Full Team without the cost

One of the greatest advantages of working with a digital marketing agency, is the amount brain power, and technology working towards your campaign compared to doing it yourself, or hiring a friend. Whether it be SEO, Google AdWords, social media management, social media paid advertising, email blasts or website creation, organization and experience are crucial to success. Typically, a strong digital campaign requires 3-5 people to create. The costs to hire an agency is nowhere near what you would pay to have 3-5 in-house professionals in salary, benefits, training expenses, and turn over. Our team is specialized by department so that everyone has their own areas of expertise bringing intimate knowledge, and value to each campaign. While saving the client both time, and money.

2. Diverse Perspectives

Another advantage of utilizing a digital marketing agency for your business is the diverse perspectives brought to each marketing medium and each campaign. Having well rounded perspectives brainstorming for campaign is crucial to a success. By bringing together multiple perspectives give you insights to different age groups, genders, cultural background, geographical knowledge as well as personal tastes, influences and buying behaviors. Another key advantage of diverse perspectives is that each idea is not only examined for it’s worth but also challenged to shine light on any weaknesses to be aware of.

3. Technology & Tools

By hiring a digital marketing agency for your digital marketing needs, you will literally save thousands. Capital resources are not only saved in salary and related expenses, but also in regards to technology and tools purchased. Digital marketing agencies utilize the best technology and tools to monitor accounts, track data, listen in on popular topics and so much more. Having to purchase, and then take the time to learn the programs, or properly train staff how to use each of those tools would cost the business thousands of dollars alone. Where a digital marketing agency like ours is always up on the latest tech, and tools to monitor and measure marketing efforts and ultimately stretch budgets further.

4. No Gambling or Guessing

There is much less risk associated with hiring a digital marketing agency rather than watching 100 videos to learn how to do it yourself. As a digital marketing agency we have worked with hundreds of different industries. Unfortunately, it is very easy to go through a budget online if not it is not strategized, setup and managed properly. Digital marketing mediums are constantly improving, and evolving from their former versions and it is quite normal for programs/best practices to change from day to day. Staying educated, and informed about those changes are crucial to be proactive, rather than reactive when marketing any business. There is no wasted capital testing different mediums… we know what works and what does not, from our years of experience in this industry.

5. Professional Experience

A digital marketing agency like ours are not only educated, and trained, but also tested and held to industry standards. There is no learning curve when hiring a digital market agency, we know what to do and how to do it well. Professional experience is the final key aspect of a strong strategic digital campaign that can only come from real-life experience, not from articles and videos. Always keep in mind that digital marketing agencies are results driven, focusing on proving the best results to their clients in order to keep them as clients! If you are exploring the digital marketing realm, talk to a professional team such as ours and discuss their services and agency rates. More often than not you will find they are very affordable compared to the time it would take you on your own, with much less risk!

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