3 Ways People Are Engaging with Media

By Olivia Roehm | Account Executive

In 2019, it is increasingly important to track how our target and potential customers are engaging with digital media.  Content engagement is a sure way to truly understand your customer, so let’s take a look at some popular ways people are engaging with media.

   1.  User-generated content

Younger generations want to continually be engaged, so giving them new ways to spend that time with your brand is key. Beyond inviting them to engage with social content you share, a brand needs to invite ideas, testimonials, and innovations on their product from customers. For example, try asking your audience for new ways your product can be used or reasons your service can be helpful. Try developing more interactive games for social content or curating content from a hashtag for testimonials. Here are a few more examples to get the idea flow going.

   2.  Engaging with video brand stories 

It’s amazing that CEOs of companies are engaging their customers directly with things like live videos.  Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have all implemented ways to share live videos with their audiences. This should tell us something about the trends in how people are communicating.

It’s not just live video, but any video.  I mean who doesn’t want one of their brand’s videos to go viral?  Companies are spending a ton of money on video. When a customer can watch the story about the founding family, the mission, the ideal customer, they are more likely to want to experience your product or service. 

   3. Engaging Voice Devices 

Voice controlled devices are making their way into our homes, cars, and workspaces.  Three of the largest tech companies in the world have produced devices that are quickly becoming adopted staples in the lives of everyday consumers.  Devices like the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod make it easy for the hands-free request for information, playing music, turning on lights, and most importantly ordering and reordering our favorite products.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are offering your products and services through voice devices.  You can leverage some resources here on the best ways to get your business to appear in Alexa and Google Home Searches.

These are just a few ways that people are engaging with digital marketing content, but they are some of the most popular.  It is important to not overlook platforms where your audience is making their voice heard since the key to growing your brand is through expanding your audience.

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