The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing.

shoes displayed with influencer, symbolizing their rapid growth through influencer marketing.

Allbirds’ Meteoric Rise: Achieving 1 Billion Impressions and a 20% Sales Surge through Influencer Marketing Generating over a billion impressions and realizing a 20% uptick in sales might seem like tall claims for many brands. Yet, this was the tangible success story of Allbirds when they collaborated with influencers. How did a sustainable footwear brand […]

Building Brand Loyalty in the CPG Industry

A store aisle filled with various CPG products, showcasing the importance of building brand loyalty in a highly competitive industry

Creating a Strong CPG Brand and Brand Loyalty. One of the biggest challenges in the CPG industry is maintaining brand loyalty. Customers today have more options than ever before and are often inundated with marketing messages from multiple brands. This means that CPG companies must work harder than ever to stand out and build strong […]