The marketing agency for Philadelphia small businesses.  

Philadelphia marketing agency

 The marketing agency for Philadelphia small businesses.  

Are you a small business that is operating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? You, like most, have likely been affected by COVID-19. A lot of companies have lost sales revenue, closed down, or had to minimize their operation during these challenging times. Now that we are in August 2020, things are slowly going back to normal(ish). You might be looking for a way to increase your revenue – and one way to increase your income, of course; Increasing your sales, you might not be able to increase your sales overnight; because of that, you might need to hire a marketing agency for help. If you’re looking for a Philadelphia marketing agency that can help you increase your sales and bring your revenue back up, look us up here. We can help you develop a comprehensive marketing campaign in Philadelphia to boost your sales.     


How do we do it? 

 We use many different techniques to target the right audience for your business. We first understand your needs and what you are trying to accomplish.  We then have an intensive kick-off meeting with you and your team, along with several members of Cool Nerds Marketing. During the kick-off call we ask many questions to figure out your business, your service, your service areas, customer demographics, and go over several questions such as: have you done any marketing in the past, what marketing worked, what marketing didn’t work in the past, and similar questions to discover how we can help you quickly start to increase revenue. I want to point out that plan, campaign, and execution possibilities for your marketing campaign is all based on your budget, and because of our experience and understanding of online marketing, we do not ask you to invest more than you can afford. Being a marketing agency in Philadelphia is giving us a huge advantage as we know this area, the audience, and where and how to target the audience to use your budget effectively. 

If you want to find out how we can help you, contact us, call us, or fill out a form. We will contact you shortly after we receive your form.